Elements Firearms provides the training necessary to develop the Attitude, Skills and Knowledge for Safe & Responsible Firearms Ownership.
Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned shooter, proper training is an essential part of firearms responsibility and safety.
Elements Firearms has top notch, dedicated and knowledgeable instructors on-site that are skilled in NRA Certified disciplines, P.O.S.T. Certified Law Enforcement in Missouri, Security and Civilian Training. Illinois, Florida, Arizona and Missouri Concealed Carry Training.
We offer simulated assisted training in a Mobile F.A.T.S Unit and "Live-Fire" training at an outdoor range.
We are currently offering the following classes and seminars on-site and off-site as well.

Illinois Concealed Carry
Refuse to be a Victim Seminars
Beginner Firearms Safety Instruction
NRA First Steps
NRA Certified Basic Pistol
NRA Personal Protection In the Home
NRA Personal Protection Out of the Home
NRA Defensive Pistol
Arizona Non-Resident & Florida Non-Resident and
Missouri Resident CCW Certification
For Families and Children
Eddie Eagle program
Emergency Preparedness Instruction
Advanced Classes Available
Left, Right, & One and Two Handed Shooting
Low Light Shooting
Shoot/No-Shoot Decision Making
Firearms Access for Concealed Carry
Advanced Shooting Positions
...And Many More
Shotgun, Rifle and Reloading Classes also available.
Advanced Tactical, Law Enforcement and Security Personnel Training
Elements Firearms offers a wide range of retail items for sale as well.
We carry a wide variety of firearms and firearms accessories and tactical gear. We will be adding more products so check back regularly for newly added items.
We buy used Firearms and Firearms Accessories.

We perform gun transfers
Illinois Concealed Carry Application Assistance
F.O.I.D. Application Assistance
Arizona Non-Resident Application Assistance and fingerprinting
Florida Non-Resident Application Assistance
We have an on-site notary
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Glen Carbon, IL 62034
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